Well Watchers

A hot talk podcast that will open up a can of geek and spray it all over your face! One hour of pop-culture, current events, and comedy. A new episode posted every Saturday morning. @wellwatchers

May 31st, 2016    

Off The Grid

Missing hosts, video game strategy guides, crazy exes, eSports, and Battleborn.


April 29th, 2016    

Nailed It

Oregon Tale, 4/20 preparations, Camacho returns, Prince's passing, Progressive commercials, Comictary: The Walking Dead-The Alien, and Tool Time with Tommy.


April 26th, 2016    

I Believe

The nuclear fallout from Camacho's new situation, Dan does DC, Camarch talk. Keeping it live and local.


April 26th, 2016    

Mother F’n Sherlock Holmes

Camacho's new situation, Batman v Superman, and more Banff


April 10th, 2016    


State of the comic book industry, Comictary, cis gender, immigrant workers, Spring Break, hunting, and The Walking Dead season finale.


March 22nd, 2016    

Hot 98.9

X Box One/Playstation 4 cross platform play, Gears of War 4 Beta announcement, The Division, Marvel's Civil War Trailer, Johnjay and Rich, Hot 98.9, War of The Roses, Monday Machaca, Humpday Dumpday, Fiance Friday, 2nd Date Update, and Spring Break Bust


March 13th, 2016    

Not Bryan Adams

Mexican Polka band, Far Cry Primal, TriceraCop, CaMarch rolls on, drinking the "haterade", Sasquatch Shaming, broadcasting history, and pinnacle of podcasting.


March 6th, 2016    

F Your F’n Camarch

G Eazy, text message to Camacho, child sues parent over published Facebook pictures, Camarch, Wade Wilson Phillips Wilson, and machine gun sounds.


February 27th, 2016    

Nega Sonic Teenage Warhead

Deadpool, microphones, R rated movies, and state vehicle inspections


February 21st, 2016    

Afraid Of No Ghosts

The Text, Deadpool, Johnjay & Rich, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, The Walking Dead Season 6, Rocket League, Halo 5


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