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April 4th, 2017    

Alleged of Zelda

Alleged, Chop My Nuts, Destiny Update, Destiny 2, and Old Man Logan

April 4th, 2017    

Can’t Hate The Game

Well Watcher Tuesday, Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis, Old Chicago World Beer Tour, American Eagle, and JNCO Jeans

March 28th, 2017    

HeHe Stick It Out

Nintendo Switch speculators, comic book store pull list renegers, D&D preparations, white Danny Rand outrage, and Legion

March 21st, 2017    

Watching The Well

Deadpool 2 Trailer, Zelda: Into the Bad Breath of the Wildlands Adventure While Drinking Gin and Juice in the Hood, D&D tales, weather and traffic together on the 8s

March 8th, 2017    

Vodka Vault

R.I.P. Bill Pullman, Han Solo solo film, Mass Effect Andromeda, racist 'The Walking Dead' shirt, mock outrage, X Box Game Pass, Sasquatch's Sack, and Red Square Restaurant allegations

February 28th, 2017    

We Do Not Discriminate

Mandela Effect, Spawn, FX Series Legion, and The Walking Dead TV series

February 11th, 2017    

Upskirts and Downblouses

The XFL, the Big Game commercials, 'Stranger Things 2', 'Ghost in the Shell' live action movie, race in pop-culture, and Lady Gaga's performance

February 5th, 2017    

Saline Noobs

Alfred Packer, unforeseen errors, #ThanksTrump, Ollie the Bobcat, Dungeons & Dragons: Sword Coast Legends, Lil DC Bombshells, "This was the XFL" & Sasquatch's Sack

January 29th, 2017    

Nothing But Fudge

Netflix 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', Star Wars Force Arena mobile game, Mackinac Island, and salt water taffy vs. Laffy Taffy

January 21st, 2017    

Switch Wolf

World's riddles, Holiday break, "Salad ain't got nottin on this mutton", Nintendo Switch, 'She Wolf' by Richard Tommaso from Image Comics, and where to begin when starting Dungeons and Dragons.

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